American Legion Riders Post 365

A Little About Us

We are a group of your everyday citizens, trying our best to make a difference in our world.
We consist of salesmen and women, safety engineers, hotel maintenance workers, bio-chemists,

military active duty, civil servants, medical office managers, nurses, athletic trainers, and state workers.
The tie that binds us together, is the strong Love we share for our country, for our Veterans, the wind in our hair,
and the freedom of the road.
We work hard to raise funds to support our Serviceman and Service related organizations. We donate our gains to
organizations like the Fisher House, Jefferson Barracks Food Pantry, Got Your 6 Support Dogs,
Legacy Scholarship Fund, and American Legion approved charities, just to name a few.

When we work, we gain satisfaction from knowing our efforts will be appreciated.

When we play, we share a comaraderie and fellowship with friends that enjoy all the same things and riding
is our prime motivator.

This is our Legion Riders Post 365, and we are Family.