Post 365 Hall Rental Page

Halls available for rental at Collinsville Post 365

Call or see Jennifer during normal business hours for rates and available dates.
Our room rental rates are competitive with halls in the area with a cordial staff. The kitchen
is available for an additional charge

The Pavilion

Is available for outdoor events complete with a large BBQ pit and picnic tables.

The Meeting Room

Is available for smaller gatherings of up to 40 people with chairs and tables
                                                setup to desired configuration for a meeting.   For small parties, we suggest seating
for 30 which allows a table for food and gifts.

The Oak Room

Our newly renovated room is available for meetings of up to 300 people with tables and chairs setup to desired
                               configuration for meetings only.  For weddings we suggest no more than 200 seating to allow for a dance floor.   
There is also a bar in the hall and separate restrooms.


The Pine Room

Our newly renovated Pine Room is available for meetings of up to 500 people with tables and chairs setup to desired
configuration for meetings. For weddings we suggest seating for 400 which allows for dancing. 
There is a stage, a bar, and separate restrooms.


Thank you for looking at our rooms and please consider Post 365 for your next party, meeting, or family gathering.